About the International Day of Happiness

This campaign about the International Day of happiness has been initiated by the Bolivian Center for Research in Positive Psychology in association with Happy Newcomer Inc. both organizations supporting the Day of Happiness worldwide.

Our interest is to show how many people in the world gather to make others happy. When we do things to make others happy, everyone benefits.

Creating a happier society requires personal and social action at all levels. Implies a connection with political leaders, institutions and citizens in order to increase our own welfare and also inspire others to be more supportive, generous and positive.

Join Us to celebrate this SECOND International day of Happiness!

If you have an event you want to broadcast for this day, we invite you to write to: eventos@diainternacionaldelafelcidad.com
or fill out the form below: EVENT THAT I WISH TO SHARE

If you have questions, suggestions or comments you are welcome to write to: info@happynewcomer.org

Thank you and have a happy day. ;)

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